Recovery Plus...

Recovery Plus... is a customized support program for post-treatment, offering continued support for the 1st year of sobriety. 

Created by Michael Towers, designed with original material and purposeful professional counselling, it supports clients to their 1-year Recovery Anniversary. 

Recovery Plus... joy.

Recovery Plus... healing.

Recovery Plus... getting myself back.

Recovery Plus... balance.

Recovery Plus... satisfaction.

These are just some of the ways clients have described what they gained in their year of recovery and counselling with Michael. 

What are you going to get that you are missing?

Recovery Plus... builds a treatment plan customized to each client. Generally, it begins with a One Week Intensive: 5 two-hour private counselling sessions. Followed for the first month with weekly 1 hour counselling sessions.* In months 2 - 6, bi-weekly 1 hour sessions. Months 6 - 12, 1 hour sessions once a month. 

Clients are welcome to book additional counselling sessions if they would like. The most common reasons clients might wish for additional sessions is if they are doing specific trauma work or if they and their partner want Couples Counselling. 


A client can access it from their own home: This is convenient for those who can't take anymore time away from work or other obligations. The counselling is accessed online, utilizing secure private video sessions. In person counselling when in Kelowna is also possible.

Tailored fit: Michael does an analysis of the client's relapse stories and personalizes their addiction cycle. Steady support during a residential recovery program is important. Tailored support in the first year outside of a residential recovery program is just as important. There can be a myriad of challenges and a tailored fit of professional support, designed for you and your vulnerabilities and experiences of addiction, can make the difference.

Recovery with a systems perspective, not just individual: Recognizing that somebody doesn't exist by themselves, Recovery Plus... looks at the various systems in one's life (individual, family systems, social systems, etc.) and their effects on one's addiction. In addition to individual work, Michael can bring in relational counselling, couples counselling, right at the beginning and one's partner can be part of the process all the way through. 

Specialized Identity Work: is woven in carefully from the beginning to help someone discover who they are/ discover themselves again.

Non pathologizing: Other programs might identify the person/addict as "the problem" to be fixed. Michael believes that the person is not the problem, the problem is the problem... together he will help clients overcome the problem of addiction.

Personal Therapeutic Letter: Michael writes a personal letter to each client after each session highlighting the work and unique elements of that conversation. Many clients come to cherish these letters as markers in a significant personal journey and remembrances of gain. All letters are sent directly from Michael to the client.

INTAKE Phone Call: a free pre-assessment

Phone or email to set up a time. The purpose of this is to see if Recovery Plus... will be a good fit. 

In this conversation you can ask any questions, talk about the three factors below, and discuss possible start dates.

If you choose Recovery Plus... you can arrange your start date and electronically receive the beginning materials in preparation for the One Week Intensive. 

PRE-ASSESSMENT CONSIDERATIONS: The following signals a very good fit. 

1. Client defines recovery for themselves as abstinence. Recovery Plus... is an abstinence model of recovery rather than a moderation model. 

2. Client has a sober companion for one year. For example, your partner or someone else in your life (friend) willing to be a sober companion. A sober companion agrees to abstain from drugs and alcohol for one year. 

3. Client is in a safe environment: physical safety is paramount. Emotional safety is discussed in the pre-assessment.

When these three things align, there is a very high success rate!

Time Line of Recovery Plus:

Initial intake conversation (free)

Enrolment in program (1st payment made, One Week Intensive and first month sessions booked)

Months 2-12, each session paid at time of booking.

*If addressing both substance and process addictions then Month One is twice a week, 1-hour sessions (8 total)